Week #6 Our Food and Culture


I’m going to talk about a mexican ice cream called Raspado and there really good to eat when it is very hot outside. You can find a raspado stand like in every block you go to.

Where I come from in mexico is called Michoacan, Mexico in every Raspado stand they have a lot of flavors like bubble gum flavor chamoy, vanilla, watermelon, pineapple and lemon. When you get your Raspado they always put the kind of powder they put in Takis on top and it always ends up being very good and refreshing.


12 thoughts on “Week #6 Our Food and Culture

  1. Hi Angel. I’m Madison from Canada. I really liked your post on the Mexican ice cream. What do you have in your school lunches? What are some popular songs in Mexico? I enjoyed learning about Raspado. I really like to have Canadian Maple Syrup on some pancakes or french toast. Nice Job!

  2. Hi! I am Emma from Canada. Raspado sounds very good, I wish they had it here! One of my favourite snacks that are Canadian is ketchup chips(it sounds weird but its really good)! What are some other popular snacks from Mexico?

  3. Hi Angel! i’m Brady from Canada. I like how you posted about something that is from your community. I just did the same thing on my blog but instead of talking about Raspado I talked about maple syrup. I put some history about it and how it’s made. It would be great if you came and checked it out! You can reach me at bradyb110gst@edublogs.org. What are some other popular foods from your community?

  4. Hi I’m Tess and I am from Canada,I really want some Raspado now after reading your post about it. When I was reading about Raspado I thought about snow cones and I don’t know if you have them in Mexico but they are shaved ice in the shape of a snowball and they have flavours like you described.

  5. Hi Angel!
    My name is Holly and I am from Canada. I loved how you explained what Raspado is and how it is only in your country. I have posted on my blog about maple syrup, bacon, butter tarts and Kraft Dinner. Nice picture you added too. Keep up the good work!

  6. I am from the U.S and wonder what Takis are. I wish you would have described them so I could truly understand the drink. Does anyone know what Takis are?

  7. Hi angel,

    Sounds really good! What is the texture of Raspado? Is it more soft or rough, and how is it served? In a cup? It sounds very interesting, and maybe I will get to try it some time.


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